Human Design is a radical system for awakening to oneself and your gifts and purpose in life. The system uses your time and place of birth to create a chart showing your unique energetic design. Your Human Design definition, strategy, and authority provide a foundation and reference point for navigating your life, relationships, and experiences.

The following services are the most common types of readings and sessions that I offer. However, if you are looking for something in particular and don’t see it listed here, please reach out and I can make some suggestions on how we can work together or offer a referral. 

Introduction to Human Design

Human Design Foundation Reading

This two hour overview of your unique BodyGraphy is the personal entry point for experimenting with Human Design and provides the foundation for exploring the many other branches and aspects of this knowledge. It is also a prerequisite for Cycle and Partnership sessions and is recommended to all starting to explore the Human Design System. If you are unsure where to begin, it's probably right here.

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Continued Exploration

Advanced Human Design Analysis

These free-form sessions are designed for individuals who already have a foundational understanding of their BodyGraph, diving deeper into the nuances of living in alignment with their design. These personalized sessions can be focused on specific topics and areas of interest. The sessions are available in one or two-hour formats, allowing for a comprehensive exploration tailored to your needs and schedule.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading

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Cycle and Transit Forecasting

Current Weather: Cycles and Transits

These sessions utilize various astrological approaches and timing methods and are focused on the "events on the ground" at the current time. We'll begin by reviewing any necessary background and context for the session and then synthesize specific astrological timing influences for a greater understanding and perspective of current life events. Can be booked in one or two hour sessions.

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Cycle Reading

Cycle Analysis sessions show the 'weather' during certain periods of your life. Your birth design shows who you are and never changes, however, conditioning elements coming in from the planetary transits will present as themes during major cycles of your life. The Solar Return is a view into the conditioning forces for the year. The Saturn Return occurs around the age of 28-29 when the Uranus Opposition is the demarcation of the mid-life transition. The Chiron Return occurs around the age of 49 and represents the flowering of the life.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading

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Relationship analysis

Partnership Overview

This no-blame analysis sheds light on the relationships in your life. Any relationship qualifies: spouse/partner, lover, family member, co-worker or friend. This reading brings acceptance and understanding. Once you understand the working mechanics at play you will have the tools for improved communication and mutual understanding. We will explore the conditioning elements at play so you can begin to understand how the mechanics are affecting your relationship. We will take a look at the overall themes present in the relationship as well as the potential challenges and places of ease.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading

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Role & Life purpose

Incarnation Cross Reading

An Incarnation Cross Reading reveals life purpose as a natural expression that unfolds over the course of our lives. Purpose in this sense encompasses the role we are here to play through specific themes and frequencies. It shows us that when we live from our nature, our purpose is not something to achieve or enact, but rather something we can witness and allow.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading

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Human Design Informed Support

Coaching and Support

These one-hour sessions focus on your journey and how Human Design can provide valuable context and insight into your daily life. Rather than delving into chart analysis or learning the Human Design System, we prioritize supporting your process and exploring how living your design can enhance your well-being, alignment, and overall ease in life. We will meet one-on-one at a designated time to explore whatever is coming up for you in a safe and non-judgmental space using your design as a frame of reference.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading

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Human Design Education

Living Your Design Workshop

If you are interested in going deeper into your personal experiment with the Human Design System, the Living Your Design workshop is the starting point for formal education. This workshop offered by the Human Design Collective focuses on introducing the Centers, Type, Strategy, and Authority in a hybrid self-paced study combined with group live meetings for Q&A, discussion, and chart examples.

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Personal Mentoring

The Human Design Collective Foundation Courses are offered in a hybrid format with self-paced online video presentations combined with live interactive sessions where the material can be reviewed and discussed in a group experience. I also offer 1:1 mentoring sessions for those who would like to learn the Foundational material in a more personal and private format. Please inquire for more information if interested in this option.


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