Client Testimonials

"Working with John was like accessing a Human Design processing center/computer, though with the added benefits of a kind and generous heart. I've had a number of readings (with other HD analysts), taken classes, and my reading with John helped me fine tune my HD understanding. His way of clarifying my design left me more deeply connected (crying self-affirming tears and jumping up and down all at the same time) with the brilliance that is me. His quiet love for humanity screamed loudly through our time together."
3/5 Generator
"My two-hour Foundations Reading with John was more than I could have asked for. I learned so much about Human Design and gained incredible insights into my own experience and purpose in life. While John assured me that Human Design is to be used as a guide and everything might not resonate, every single thing John highlighted in my chart hit home as either something that I experience or something I was wondering about. Being fairly new to Human Design, John explained everything with such clarity and depth that I really understood the system - not only what he was reading, but why and how. I absolutely loved my session with John and will definitely be coming back for more readings!"
5/1 Manifesting Generator
"John Cole is professional, thorough, and deeply knowledgeable. It’s very apparent that John is in his zone when he’s conducting a reading, and it’s refreshing to work with somebody so in love with his work. I didn’t know what to expect and left feeling a new wave of excitement for life. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity."
6/2 Projector
"John has a deep wealth of knowledge and provided insight towards components of Human Design that I couldn’t find just by googling or asking friends. I now better understand how my type of Reflector interacts with the world, and how to better function because of the information he shared with me. A must for anyone interested in Human Design or astrology."
5/1 Reflector
"John's breadth of knowledge of both Human Design and traditional astrology gives him a unique framework through which to support his clients. He is extremely perceptive, as well as genuinely interested in helping others, a combination that ensures his services are of the highest quality."
6/3 Generator
"John is an insightful teacher and reader. He is well versed in both the study and application of Human Design & Astrology. I highly recommend working with John. He is a friendly, kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable guide. His fresh perspectives have helped shine a light where I needed it most."
3/5 Projector
"I highly respect John for his deep knowledge and understanding of the Human Design System in combination with his expertise in astrology! I appreciate John for his willingness to listen to my own life experiences while sharing the valuable knowledge and details about my personal design and offering new possible perspectives and understandings. John always meets me with kindness, respect, warmth and authentic interest. I highly recommend John as a reader and guide."
2/5 Projector
"John's insight and knowledge have been so very valuable to me over the past year. He is generous with his knowledge and it is evident in his commitment to Human Design & Vedic Astrology. He truly cares about his clients and supporting them in reconnecting to their essence and most authentic way of being. He is relatable and easy to understand, and quick to answer any questions regarding my charts. I so appreciate John and his work! Much love!"
4/6 Projector
"I’ve depended on John Cole for a number of astrological consultations at various times in my life, and I’ve always come away enriched from the experience. Whether needing to make sense of something coming up from the past, the present, or even concerns about the future, I’ve found John’s ability to pinpoint astrological relationships and activities that clarify my understanding of my personal circumstances, processes, and expression in my life, to be invaluable to me. What’s more, he does so with equanimity, compassion, and humor. I feel supported and attended to throughout the process of any given conversation. I think the neutrality with which John provides his consultations provides a safe place that allows for a deeper investigation of purpose or meaning, as well as for deeper processing of the information that becomes available. Finally, I would comment that John never presents his own agenda, and allows me the final say in what is true or not for me and my experience. As such I really can’t think of a better guide into the sometimes overwhelming, complicated, esoteric, and sometimes contradictory material of the astrological influences and processes on my life. It’s really helped me to make sense of it all."
6/2 Projector
"It's rare for me to reach towards the stars for understanding, but in times of internal upheaval and lack of clarity it seems a natural reflection for guidance. Thank goodness John is someone I can trust to offer a holistic and incredibly depthful view of the expansiveness that is happening in the large universal world."
5/1 Generator
"I had no relationship with astrology in my upbringing, other than a mild awareness of the subject. I dipped my toe in and enjoyed some mild forays in the past couple of years before a friend’s recent introduction to John. My openness and curiosity lead me to a full consultation and analysis. I learned more about myself, my life and had more epiphanies than I thought possible in working with John. John’s knowledge of astrology is robust and his advice in its real-world application is invaluable. I’m incredibly thankful I met John and for the opportunity to work with him. I can honestly say he is panoramically brilliant! I look forward to reconnecting for future work!"
6/2 Manifestor
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