The Human Design and Astrological Consulting Practice of John Cole


About John

Type: Projector | Profile: 2/4 | Authority: Heart/G Center

With over three decades of astrological study and nine years of experimentation with the Human Design System, I have dedicated myself to understanding the unique cosmic blueprints that guide each of us. My approach blends this deep knowledge with lived experience, tailored to recognize the individuality and inner authority of every client. My hope is to support you in connecting with your true self, fostering greater awareness and acceptance.

Are you

New to Human Design?

A Foundation Reading is the first step in exploring Human Design and the essential aspects of your unique design

Interested in going deeper?

Once you’ve had a Foundation Reading there are many other areas of interest to explore in Human Design

Looking for support?

If you’re already familiar with Human Design and have had a Foundation Reading, integration coaching and support is available

What Is Human Design?

A Map For Your Life

The Human Design System offers us a unique map of our energetic nature using the date, time, and place of birth. Human Design is a logical system that explains the “Mechanics of the Maia” or how things work in our shared reality construct. This is a way of seeing things as they actually are, rather than what we think or want them to be. It is a transformational way of living according to our nature as a unique individual in the world.


What a few of my clients are saying

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