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New to Human Design? Start here

If you are new to Human Design and are looking for the best place to start, it’s with a Foundation Reading. This is a two-hour 1:1 comprehensive overview your your BodyGraph, the Human Design birth chart. 

What Is Human Design?

A Map For Your Life

The Human Design System offers us a unique map of our energetic nature using the date, time, and place of birth. Human Design is a logical system that explains the “Mechanics of the Maia” or how things work in our shared reality construct. This is a way of seeing things as they actually are, rather than what we think or want them to be. It is a radical and transformational way of being a differentiated and unique individual in the world.

Human Design offers us
  • A map of your unique talents, skills, and gifts
  • A strategy for moving through life and engaging with the world
  • A process for aligning with your true nature and path through correct decision making/watching
  • An awareness of where you are more receptive and open to conditioning and influences
  • Recognition of the role you are here to play
  • Your ultimate purpose to be expressed in the totality
Living Your Design can
  • Help you reconnect to the innate intelligence of your body
  • Help you come into a better relationship with the content of your mind
  • Reduce unnecessary suffering, illness, and unease
  • Reduce the resistance you encounter in the world and achieve more of a flow state of being
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Bring greater alignment with the timing and cycles in your life
Featured Services
About John

Type: Projector | Profile: 2/4 | Authority: Heart/G Center

As a Projector with over three decades of astrological study and full immersion in the Human Design System, I feel well-prepared to meet the needs of my clients wishing to experiment with this knowledge. I meet each person as the unique individual that they are, recognizing that they are the authority in their own life. My role in a consultation is to share this system in a practical and straightforward way, initiating the other into a deeper relationship with their true-self and inner authority.


What a few of my clients are saying

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