Human Design Incarnation Cross Reading

Human Design Incarnation Cross Reading


A two-hour exploration of your life purpose. We are designed to express a specific role and set of themes within a particular context in this lifetime. This reading provides the signposts for recognizing when, where, how, and with whom you fulfill your purpose. To book this session, please wait at least 6 months after having had an individual Human Design Foundation Reading as this knowledge is most useful once you have experimented with Strategy & Authority.

Consultations are conducted (and recorded for your reference) using Zoom video software. You will need to have access to a computer with a working microphone, video camera, and internet connection. Once you have placed an order for the session, the system will email you a link to my online calendar where you can choose a date and time for our meeting.

An Incarnation Cross Reading reveals life purpose as a natural expression that unfolds over the course of our lives. Purpose in this sense encompasses the role we are here to play through specific themes and frequencies. It shows us that when we live from our nature, our purpose is not something to achieve or enact, but rather something we can witness and allow.

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